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About Us

Southport Yacht Club – The Southport Yacht Club (SYC) is a corporation owned by its members and governed by a Board of Directors. The Club owns and maintains two buildings and dock facilities on Cosy Harbor Road on the shore of Cosy Harbor on Southport Island, Maine. The Club has a mission and 100-year history of promoting boating on the Maine coast with an emphasis on sailing through the junior program now run by the Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation (see below). The Club sponsors numerous events during the summer including racing, social, cultural, and family activities. Members of the SYC enjoy use of the facilities, including the docks, launching ramp, and cooking grills. Members receive a membership roster with names, addresses, and phone numbers of members. Current dues are $235 per year, plus a new member initiation fee of $25. Membership application forms can be found in the Forms section of this website.

Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation (SJYCSF)– This legal entity is separate from the Southport Yacht Club and has its own Board of Directors. It is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. Donations made to the SJYCSF are tax deductible. The SJYCSF operates the sailing program. It owns the fleet of 420 sailboats, the coach boats, and several Optimist dinghies. It leases the junior building, and use of the grounds and docks from the SYC. It runs the Tuesday evening SJYCSF 420 races. Families with children in the SJYCSF Sailing Program do not have to be members of the SYC and SYC members do not receive any Sailing Program discounts or preferential treatment. Scholarships are available for eligible students. See the Sailing Program section of this website for more information regarding the SJYCSF.

SJYCSF Mission Statement:  “The purpose of the Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation is to introduce children and youth to sailing and seamanship and to promote a life-long interest in sailing, while developing life and leadership skills, building friendships and community.” 

Southport Junior Yacht Club – This is NOT a separate legal entity. It is a subset of the SJYCSF. The officers of the SJYC are sailing program students who are elected by other sailing program students. The Southport Junior Yacht Club organizes various social events such as Ice Cream Socials and Bingos during the summer months.

The Southport Yacht Club is a diverse community grounded in a shared love of the water. We welcome all people and perspectives.

Mailing Addresses

Southport Yacht Club
P.O. Box 57
Southport, Maine 04576

Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation
P.O. Box 68
Southport, Maine 04576

Physical Address Southport Yacht Club
38 Cosy Harbor Road
Southport, ME 04576

SYC Officers
Commodore: Anne Grimes Rand
Past Commodore: Chip Baker
Vice Commodore: Pete Smith
Rear Commodore: Charlie Phippen
Treasurer: Chris Jacobs

Secretary: Cecily Walsh

Fleet Captain: Charles Nelson

SYC Directors   

Hollyanna Bates

Brendon Donnellan   

Janet Duchaine

Susannah Parker

Dave Smith

Committee Chairpersons

Communications: Hollyanna Bates

Finance: Brendon Donnellan

Long-Range Planning: Dave Smith

Membership: Susannah Parker

Nominating: Geoff Chatterton
Race and Regatta: Charlie Phippen  

Social: Janet Duchaine


Skiff Float Rules

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